Ground Reel

Spool and base manufactured frame of Aluminum and material finished with a black texture powder coating. Model provides a light weight and Long-lasting products for your rough job environments.

  • Integrated slip ring that eliminates cable tie ins each time the reel is used.
  • Comes standard with mount bracket. (Can be removed if necessary, for side wall mounting.)
  • Cable- 2KV diesel locomotive
    • AWG-8
    • Nominal diameter: .33”
    • Current amp: 55(amp capacity based on 90º C conductor)
    • Cable resist oils, acids, alkalines, heat, flame, and has abrasion resistance
    • Main spool comes standard with 100’ of wire. (can be ordered with up to 200’.)
    • Contact split block
    • 2 Industrial welding ground clamps.
    • (2) 25’ wire leads to each clamp after contact block split.



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