The 094 series of sensors are heavy duty, extremely rugged, reliable, yet compact encoders designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments. This series is flange mount and conform to NEMA4,13 and IP66 standards. Typical applications include motion control feedback, machine control, process control, elevator controls, conveyers, textile equipment, robotics and food processing.

The ZNH series of sensors have open collector outputs. An open collector output brings the uncommitted collector of the encoder switching device to the external world. Because of the collector element is not associated with the sensor supply voltage, the sensor output collector may be “pulled up” to external voltages different than the encoder supply voltage (40 VDC maximum). NPN open collector outputs are current sinking devices. An output signal will not be generated unless a pull up resistor is connected from the open-collector to the positive side of an external supply. The same supply can be used for powering the unit and for the pull-up resistor.


  • Electrical Specifications
    • Supply voltage: 4.75 to 28 VDC, 100 mA max. with no output load
    • Outputs: NPN open collector transistor, VoH= 400 VDC max: 100 mA max. current. Incremental- two square waves in quadrature with A leading B for clockwise shaft rotation.
    • MAX. Frequency: Up to 1 MHz
  • Mechanical Specifications
    • Maximum Mechanical Speed: 8000 RPM
    • Shaft Diameter: 0.375” (9.5 mm)
    • Radial shaft load: 80 lbs. max
    • Axial shaft load: 80 lbs. max
    • Starting torque: 3.0 oz-in. (21.18 N-mm)
    • Connector type: 7-pin MS type connector
    • Housing: Black non-corrosive finish
    • Mounting: 2.5” Flange mount


  • Operating Pressure: 0 to +70ºC
  • Storage Temperature: -25 to +85ºC
  • Humidity: 98% RH Non Condensing
  • Shock: 75 g @ 11 MSEC duration
  • Sealing: NEMA 4,13 and IP66 with shaft seal